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"I have been extremely fortunate to play cricket at the highest level. My mentality, work ethic and belief in my own ability have been instrumental in helping me achieve some of my personal goals and helped me contribute to successful team performances.”

-Kevin Pietersen MBE

About the Academy

KPGCA delivers the best cricketing programme developed by Kevin Pietersen with his cricketing philosophy at its heart. Kevin believed every player should be given a chance, with the KPGCA programmes each player will be given an insight into what made Kevin one of the greatest the world game has seen and how they can use this for their own game.


Alongside Kevin, former ECB level coaches KPGCA will provide skills training in all areas of cricket and at all levels, from beginners to future professionals.


To deliver the best in cricket coaching globally we use:

A programme designed by Kevin and the best qualified coaches:

The latest in technology

Sports Psychology 

Sports Science

KPGCA doesn't settle for second best just as Kevin didn't during his career!

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