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Tecnifibre updates the TFight 305 with a slightly bigger head size and a cosmetic accented with the colors of the French Flag. Boasting a 98in² hitting surface, the TFight DC 305 feels a tad livelier than its 95in² predecessor. The extra pop is easy to control thanks to the 18x19 string pattern - a feature that should give big hitters a little more confidence when driving the ball powerfully through the court. This model also comes with Dynacore, a uniquely flexible material designed to boost stability and comfort. With impressive attention to detail, Tecnifibre adds its Armor Cap bumper system to protect the frame’s head along with EZ Lock Eyelets to increase grommet longevity and improve knot tying during string installation. From the baseline our playtesters reported a firm feel, with plenty of feedback on off-center hits. Given the dense pattern and firmer feel, we found this racquet to play best with a softer co-poly or multifilament. At net this racquet is never late to the ball. The speedy feel makes it perfect for reaction volleys or pouncing quickly when opportunity knocks. Although this stick should work well for most intermediate players, advanced players looking for big plow-through and rock-solid torsional stability will likely need to add some weight to 3 & 9 o’clock. Intermediate players looking for maneuverability and controllable power should give this racquet a test drive

Tecnifibre TFight 305

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