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As the lightest and fastest member of the TFight series, the TFight 265 DCS2 ATP makes a great performance racket for beginners, strong juniors or any player who needs maximum mobility or ease of use. At only 265 grams, this racket delivers explosive acceleration to all ability levels, but like the heavier TFight models, it possesses an impressive level of precision and spin potential. To increase comfort and improve feel, Tecnifibre builds this model with both Dynacore (a flexible material that adds stability) and Synergy Link HD (a polyurethane infusion that dampens impact shock). The TFight 265 is also built to last longer than many of its competitors thanks to two technologies that protect high wear areas. The first technology is an Armor Cap bumper system that protects the racket’s head from court impact; and the second is an EZ Lock Eyeletthat not only makes for easier knot tying during string installation, but extends the life of the grommets. On court the TFight 265 moves with lightning speed and delivers an impressive level of accuracy on full swings. Improving players should find it easy to swing bigger when trying to increase pace and spin. At net this racket’s light weight makes it extremely user-friendly on fast exchanges. Although it lacks the stability of the heavier models, the balance puts enough mass in the head to keep it steady against low and moderate levels of pace. The light weight also helps on service returns where the TFight 265 comes around extremely fast to offer easy targeting. As the lightest and fastest member of the TFight family, this comfortable racket should give beginners and competitive juniors the ability to attack the ball with confidence. It should also work well for the intermediate player in search of maximum mobility.

Tecnifibre TFight 265

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