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Proudly celebrating the colors of the French Flag, the TFight DC 300 replaces the TFight 300 Dynacore. Like its predecessor, the DC 300 is built for those who want maneuverability and precision. At 11.2 ounces this racquet will enable intermediate level players to swing big. As with the previous version, this model includes Dynacore, a uniquely flexible material that gives the DC 300 above average stability for its weight class. This stick also comes an Armor Cap bumper system to protect the racquet’s head from court impact. With impressive attention to detail, Tecnifibre adds EZ Lock Eyelets to the racquet’s tie-off holes - a feature that will, no doubt, extend the life of the grommets. From the baseline this racquet feels explosive and comfortably dampened. Like the previous TFight 300, this racquet’s fast feel and grippy 16x19 string pattern make it perfect for big swinging topspin players. The maneuverability is also an asset on service returns where the DC 300 comes around fast to deliver a very accurate ball. Finally, aggressive servers will appreciate the fast, surgical and whippy feel of this one. 

Tecnifibre TFight DC 300

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