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Futsal or Street Football, Which one Helped the Stars of Football?

With the World Cup starting today in Russia we thought we would take a look into the stars that are competing in the tournament.

We wanted to look deeper into the begins of their football development and see if futsal or street football were the key to their unbelievable technique that we see today.

Over the World Cup we will share with you the development and beginnings of each star that will be competing in this summers World Cup.

First, we take a look at the host nation, Russia, who have a very bright player who has the potential to do something special this summer….

Aleksandr Golovin

Club- Apps: 113 Goals: 13

Russia- Caps: 19 Goals: 2

With the World Cup starting today we take a look at the host nation. Where the star player developed and what the start of the journey looked like for him.

Golovin, who turned 22-years-old in May, was born in south-western Siberia in a town called Kaltan, where he spent his youth playing futsal.

There was only one regular-sized football pitch in Kaltan and with the harsh weather conditions it often left the pitch impossible to play on. He had no choice but to play futsal as it’s an indoor sport.

This gives him a heavy futsal background and during the world cup you will see some of these futsal techniques come alive in Russia.

Golovin was given the nickname “Chick” because of his small build and baby-face looks, but you will see by clicking on the link how technically brilliant he is and the movement of his feet which will light up this year’s World Cup.

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