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xSport Coaching Ltd support Vision Rescue Sports Projects

As a company we are excited to work with such a great charity in Mumbai and across India.

Over the last eight years we have supported Vision Rescue and are proud to link to such a great casue.

Here is a little background to the sports project we are involved in:

Vision Rescue Football Project

About Need in Kalwa:

Kalwa East has lots of hutments comprising of people migrated from several places, including those street dwellers near Mahim Station, who were moved out while clearing footpaths. There are lot of hutments which is claimed to be illegal and others argue that they are legal. But Children are growing up in midst of all these, and if their energy is not channelized into proper direction then they would end up in criminal activities, thus becoming headache to the society later.

Approach with Sports Program:

Upon a brief study we have noticed few boys who are interested in sports, especially football. We approached them to see if they will be interested in getting trained to participate in

Matches and Tournaments.

Now we have 15 boys from Kalwa. Most of these boys are not going school. All of them are under 15. We have weekly one day practice, near Kalwa slum ground. We told them strictly and explained the importance of formal schooling and education. So in order to attend football practice some of them started to go school. Some boys are addicted of substance abuse like pan masala and other products.

Our football practice really can help them to come out from their dark side.

Achievements & Prospects for Boys in Kalwa:

In recent past, Vision Rescue Sports has helped several children from very poor slums with professional training, participating in several matches and tournaments in Mumbai, and has won many Major Cups, such as NGO, Barclays, MNS Cup. We also had our presence in third Division league, reached final round of Nike Winner Stays All India Championship in Mumbai Tournaments. One of our kids got selected into Air India team, few gained permanent membership in MCA, and one of them got Ryan Giggs Award at Manchester United in Mumbai.

We are looking forward to help these kids from Kalwa to be trained professionally so that they could find their carrier in sports, with some companies, etc.

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