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The Stars of Futsal

I wanted to share with you the top players futsal has in the world.

I wanted to give a little information about each player so hopefully they can be a great role model for young futsal players.

Every futsal club has promoted futsal by stating that all the great football players have played futsal at a young level, Pele, Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Neymar and many more.

This is fantastic for Football but I want to share with you the players that solely play futsal at the highest level.

This is because if a young player boy or girl wants to choose futsal over football they must have futsal role models to follow and this may give them the desire to follow in their footsteps.

Futsal Stars

Sergio Lozano

He is one of the best dribblers in the world and plays as a winger.

He plays for Barcelona and has great creativity and is a true team player.

He has won many awards and has been very successful with Barcelona.

Manuel Tobias

Falcao is crowned as the greatest futsal player of all time but perhaps Manuel Tobias is up there with Falcao.

With is Brazilian flair and creativity he is amazing to watch.

He is a fantastic futsal goal scorer He has won Best Player of the World three times and Best Player at the FIFA World Cup in 1996 and 2000.

During his time playing for Brazil at four different FIFA World Cups he has scored 44 goals.


He is perhaps the best defender in the history of futsal.

With 170 caps for Spain. People may think futsal is all about attacking and scoring a high number of goals but if you watch professional futsal the main focus is defending and Kike was a master.

He’s helped Spain win the FIFA World Cup in 2000 and 2004.


Many people in the futsal world think he is currently the best player in the world and it’s hard not to agree. With 158 caps for Portugal and 135 goals he has won Best Player of the World 5 times and he looks like this year he will again.

One of the most amazing players you will see playing futsal, with extremely quick feet and sound technical ability you just don’t know what this magician is going to create during a match. He scores truly amazing goals and completely lit up Euro 2016.

He stole the shown in Slovenia Euro 2018. With Portugal being crowned Champions for the first time, winning Best Player and being the Top Scorer with 7 goals.


He is unarguably the greatest player of all time and he has been dubbed as the Pele of Futsal.

He has now retired from playing but will be forever remembered. A forward with a insane scoring ration, at club level 697 apps and 932 goals! And for Brazil 201 caps and 339 goals.

He has 33 trophies at club level and 25 cups at international level, making his name an eternal one in futsal fraternity.

He has brought so much to the futsal and showed what a fantastic sport it is all around the world.

Women’s Futsal


She is a true inspiration for all women and young girls playing futsal, the tricky Brazilian is a fantastic dribbler and produces amazing skills to beat players and score goals.

She has won Best Woman Player of the World four times and looks like she will do the same this year.

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